21 February 2019

What makes doing science so attractive to Alessandra Cambi, professor in cell biology from the RIMLS? And did Judith Prins, professor in medical psychology from the RIHS ever cut corners during her research? Which temptations did neurologist and dementia researcher Edo Richard from the DCMN successfully withstand to stay on track in science?

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Anything you ever wanted to ask these Radboudumc scientists, you can ask them during the College Tour show on March 11, 2019. Talk show host professor Pim Assendelft will lead us through the last edition of the Radboud Research Round of study year 2018-2019. In a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere, he will invite three experienced researchers from the Radboudumc to talk freely about their successes and failures in research, the ambitions and dreams that drive them in science, their motivation and desperation in doing research. What does make the life of a scientist meaningful? How did great success come about? Which discoveries are they most proud of?

Scientific integrity is often associated with avoiding fraud and keeping away from questionable research practices and sloppy science. Yet, this is a rather negative way to approach scientific integrity. Having attended several classes, courses and workshops on research integrity, one may easily get the idea that science is a muddy practice, better to be avoided than to join in. During this College Tour talk show, we want to turn things around and shed light on the other, more positive side: why is it so engaging to do research in an excellent way?

Of course, we won’t shut our eyes for all the things that may go wrong, the negative consequences of hard competition and perverse incentives. Yet, there is much that makes science worthwhile and there all kinds of reason to try to do science in the best way possible.

We invite all researchers, junior and senior, students, and all other interested, to visit this entertaining event. It takes place at the Auditorium and the actual program starts at 6:30 PM (18:30). Be sure to be there on time, many will want to join this event. What would you like to ask Alessandra, Judith and Edo?


18.00 Registration with sandwiches
18.30 College Tour with host Pim Assendelft
20.00 End

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