13 June 2019

On 7 June the RIHS PhD council organized an excursion to Philips Healthcare in Best.

The program started with an introductory presentation followed by a tour through the showroom and the Azurion operating room. After the group lunch, the program continued with a tour through the factory and the refurbished factory, where they showed all the logistics involved in the company. The visit was a great opportunity to learn about the areas of research of Philips and to see all the medical devices available.

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KWF Roadshow 11 November 2019

10 October 2019

In which way(s) can KWF provide optimal support to oncological research and care? How can we maximize impact on our investments? These questions are pivotal in Ambition 2030: the vision that KWF developed in close cooperation with stakeholders in the oncological field.

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More than 3000 visitors at Open Day RIHS

10 October 2019

On Sunday 6 October RIHS organized an Open Day in the Weekend of Science (“Weekend van de Wetenschap”) with special guest and television presenter Klaas van Kruistum. More than 3000 visitors became a health scientist for one day and discovered how special healthcare research is.

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‘Smart shirt’ can accurately measure breathing and could be used to monitor lung disease

3 October 2019

Denise Mannée and colleagues are developing Hexoskin, a smart shirt that can measure breathing in people. It can reliably measure breathing in healthy people while carrying out activities. This means they can now test out the smart shirts with patients who have COPD.

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A coordinated analysis on the association of sedentary behaviour and cognitive function

1 October 2019

In Sports Medicine Carlijn Maasakkers and colleagues present the results from a coordinated analysis in 5 cohorts on the association between total sitting time and global cognition. As no clear associations were found, they hypothesize that specific types of sitting differentially affect cognition.

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Digital health updates Stay up to date with a podcast

26 September 2019

As a researcher it is important to know the ins and outs of your research area. Despite helpful tools and filters this is often very time consuming. The Lancet Digital Health offers podcasts in which authors present the key findings and implications of their work.

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Radboud university medical center opens first healthcare AI labs

19 September 2019

These are the first two ‘labs’ in the east of the Netherlands that are part of the national Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence and the first health labs. With these two initiatives, Radboudumc and its partners are investing heavily in the application of AI to health care.

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