14 April 2020

Work as a PhD is exciting as well as challenging at the best of times. But in the present time of the COVID-19 crisis and social distancing, you can be confronted with additional restrictions for your research and personal life.

This is why Radboud University launches a new initiative, called Global PhD Support. This program matches national and international PhD candidates with a ‘buddy’, someone who is personally assigned to them. Besides providing a social connection, a buddy can help the PhD candidate with first-line support and information on various topics such as mental health, housing, legal matters etc. For more severe issues there is a whole team of experts behind the buddy to help out with questions or issues you may have. They can also refer you to a professional for further help and support, when necessary.

Having a buddy can be a valuable asset, especially in times of social distancing, uncertainty, and being isolated from relatives and friends.

If you sign up, your buddy will schedule an intake meeting through an online platform (e.g. Skype or Zoom). This intake will be the first of a maximum of ten support sessions of 45 minutes at the most, which will take place once a week.

Are you a(n external) PhD candidate at Radboud University or Radboud University Medical Center? This service is open to any PhD candidate affiliated with Radboud University and Radboud University Medical Center, regardless of your country of origin.

Sign up here. 


If you have any further questions, please send an e-mail to globalbuddysupport@ru.nl.

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