18 June 2020

Purva Kulkarni, Postdoctoral Bioinformatician at the Translational Metabolic Laboratory (TML), Department of Laboratory Medicine has been awarded the Metabolomics Society Early Career Travel Award to present her work titled - Towards precision diagnostics: Untargeted metabolomics for the diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism in individual patients.

She will present a talk on this work during the virtual meeting of the Metabolomics Society organized for the year 2020. She is a part of the research theme Metabolic disorders and establishes her own group in bioinformatics of mass spectrometry based -omics data to improve rare disease diagnostics and therapy monitoring.

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New genetic defect links cell biology and protein glycosylation

10 November 2021

Peter Linders, Dirk Lefeber and Geert van den Bogaart together with international colleagues have recently reported on novel cell biological insights, by identifying a genetic disorder in syntaxin-5 which allowed to unravel a new mechanism regulating intracellular transportation.

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Young Investigator Award for Alex Garanto

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