2 July 2020

The Radboud University has built an online learning environment: gROW.
This environment contains a lot of information about learning and development. From this moment, the generic courses for PhD candidates will also be available in this environment. We use an annual plan which means that you can immediately find out when your chosen course will be taught.

What does this means for you?

This means the following for you:
• From this moment, registering and deregistering for the generic PhD courses at Radboud University will take place via gROW. Registration using the registration form on the RU website will no longer be possible.
• The current waiting lists for the courses will be cancelled. If you have already registered for a course, you will need to re-register in gROW.
• After registering for a course, you can immediately select the group (this is called an event in gROW). An event can consist of several components or sessions and course date. Please be aware that you also have to register for the event that you choose.
• Should you wish to change your course dates, you can deregister in gROW before the stated deadline. This deadline will be included in the event information. Please be aware that you have to deregister from the event.
• If you deregister after the deadline, the faculty where you work will still be liable for the costs of the course.
• If an event is fully booked, you can click the keep me posted button. You will then receive a message when new events are scheduled.
• If you want to participate in an event that is fully booked, please keep an eye out for any cancellations that may free up a space. You can then register for the event.
• Changes in the schedule or in the event are published in gROW; please check gROW regularly.

How to find the courses that are accessible for the PhD’s from Radboudumc?

PhD candidates of Radboudumc are only allowed to participate in the courses that are offered within the framework of generic PhD courses. You can find these courses by typing ‘PhD’ in the search field. All generic PhD courses can be recognized by a yellow tile.

Manual for this new way of working

This new way of working may take a bit of getting used to. The advantage is that you can manage your own schedule and remain in charge of your development. If you want to deregister for any course, we kindly request that you do this well in advance: the freed-up space can then be used by another PhD candidate.
Do you want to get into gROW? Then take a look at more information online or the explanatory video.

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