11 November 2021

Have you ever thought about exploring and understanding the field of artificial intelligence? Due to the successes in past years, another AI for Health course will be held in 2022. The upcoming AI for Health course will start on 11 February 2022. The deadline for application, 17 December 2021, is approaching, so make sure to reserve a spot!

The AI for Health program aims to advance AI innovations in healthcare, by providing an AI course for healthcare professionals, supporting MSc projects and funding PhD research. AI for Health is offering every employee of Radboudumc the possibility, for free, to enrol in a high-quality course worth €7500 to learn about the profound impact AI will have on healthcare. Graduates of the course will receive an official certificate.

The course provides a great overview of the opportunities AI has for healthcare and offers hand-on experience with an actual AI project. These projects have already resulted in funded MSc internships with a focus on AI for health in over 20 different departments at the Radboudumc, and several succesful grant applications.

Course topics cover the necessary ingredients for AI projects, such as understanding and preparing your data, choosing the right model, and evaluating and implementing your model in practice. Several areas of application will be covered by experts from the Radboudumc, such as medical imaging, analysing medical reports and genetics.

For the first time, we offer 2 tracks: the light track, which offers participants an overview of the role AI can have in clinical practice, without any programming involved and the full track, which offers participants, besides a great overview, also the opportunity to implement AI solutions themselves.

Speakers in the course include amongst others:

  • Joran Lokkerbol, director of the Centre of Economic Evaluation & Machine Learning at Trimbos;
  • Bram van Ginneken, Professor of Medical Image Analysis at Radboudumc;
  • Marianne Boenink, Professor of Ethics of Healthcare at Radboudumc;
  • Sander Bervoets, Head of the RTC Bioinformatics at Radboudumc;
  • Egge van der Poel, Clinical Data Scientist at Erasmus MC;
  • Arnoud van der Maas, Chief Science Information Officer at Radboudumc;
  • Guido van den Broek, Chief Medical Information Officer at Radboudumc;
  • Contributions from the RTC Deep Learning and RTC Data Stewardship.

For more information about the course please see: https://www.ai-for-health.nl/courses.

We are looking forward to welcome you to the course! Please register here: https://www.ai-for-health.nl/courses/apply/ before the 17th of December.

On behalf of the course coordinators,

Silvan Quax

Ajay Patel

Joran Lokkerbol

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