10 November 2021

On 13 October 2021, during the Dutch Nephrology Days (NND), the following publication prize was awarded to Raphaël Duivenvoorden, theme Renal disorders. Publication Prize 2020 for young researchers:

Raphaël Duivenvoorden 
Hydroxychloroquine Inhibits the Trained Innate Immune Response to Interferons (link)

The jury consisted of the Science Section of the Dutch federation for Nephrology (NFN). The award winner presented his scientific findings during NND. The prize consists of a certificate and honorable mention on Nefro.nl

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Human pluripotent stem cell-derived kidney organoids for personalized congenital and idiopathic nephrotic syndrome modeling

11 May 2022

Bart Smeets, Jitske Jansen and collegues, theme Renal disorders published this article in the Human Development.

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ERC Starting Grant awarded to Jeroen de Baaij

17 March 2022

Jeroen de Baaij, kidney researcher the Radboudumc, receives an ERC Starting Grant worth 1.5 million euros. He will use this grant to improve the diagnosis and treatment of severe magnesium deficiencies, which can lead to epileptic seizures and muscle cramps.

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Research on the development of kidneys in prematurely born children

17 February 2022

Michiel Schreuder, together with Maastricht UMC+, is now starting a study into the kidneys of these children. For this, the researchers received a grant from the Kidney Foundation. 

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Laurens Verscheijden awarded doctorate degree 'cum laude'

19 January 2022

Laurens Verscheijden of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, defended his PhD thesis, entitled "Mechanistic models for the prediction of brain drug exposure and response in the paediatric population: A virtual child reaching maturation.

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Johan van der Vlag chairs Scientific Advisory Board Mercurna

8 December 2021

Johan van der Vlag will strengthen the development path of mCura1, Mercurna's lead formulation for chronic kidney disease as chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Biotech.

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