23 November 2021

How much are we all longing for an old-fashioned RIMLS PhD retreat full of science, workshops and fun! In normal years, the RIMLS 2-day PhD retreat is held in April. But in this special year (2021), the PhD retreat was held in combination with the New Frontiers Symposium as an online edition once more. During this online PhD retreat, final year PhD candidates shared their work in a talk and an online workshop was organized. All other PhD candidates could present their work in a poster session during the New Frontiers symposium.

This year, the 36 final year PhD candidates gave an oral presentation during multiple ZOOM sessions with 8 varying topics: Immunology, Cancer, Microbiology, Medical Advances, Metabolism & Diabetes, Genetics, Renal Disorders and  Surgery, Dentistry & Arthritis. The quality of the presentations was very high, as was visualized by the voting for “Best Presenter of the Day”, which all retreat participants could take part in. Eventually, two exceptional presenters were selected via this voting system, who received the presentation prizes: Julia van Tuijl and Abbey Arp. Congratulations with your achievement!

Additionally, halfway the retreat day, a professional trainer taught us all tricks for online presenting in an engaging way during a well-attended workshop. During the workshop the trainer invited everyone to annotate the shared presentation with comments, notes and questions, which made the workshop very interactive. At the end of the day, participants could also join an online Life Science Bingo withfun prizes. Overall this online PhD retreat was a success, with approximately 180 participants and we thank you all for your active participation during this day. Nevertheless, we hope to be able to invite you all again for a real-life RIMLS PhD retreat next year, on 7 and 8 April 2022.


The RIMLS PhD Council

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