21 May 2021

Who will be the winner of the 2021 Science and Innovation Prize? From the 24 nominations of the scientific associations, 3 nominations were chosen this week by the expert jury led by ZonMw chairman Jeroen Geurts, including 2 nominations involving Radboudumc researchers. The contenders for the Science and Innovation Award are studies by ENT specialists, radiologists and rheumatologists. The prize will be awarded on 24 June.  

REDO study (rheumatology): Is it equally effective and safe to treat patients with rheumatoid arthritis with a lower dose of rituximab?

This study shows that a significantly lower dose of this drug is almost as effective in these patients against the symptoms, and causes 50 percent fewer infections that occur as a side effect of the drug. In the Netherlands, this saves hundreds of infections and four to seven million euros in medication costs per year.
Researchers: Alfons den Broeder, Lise Verhoef, Nathan den Broeder, Rogier Thurlings, Willemijn van der Laan, Wilfred van der Weele, Marc Kok, Hein Bernelot Moens, Thasia Woodworth, Bart van den Bemt and Frank van den Hoogen

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Septum trial (ENT): What is the effect of straightening a crooked septum in people with a chronically blocked nose or difficulty breathing? 

This study in eighteen Dutch hospitals shows that this operation significantly improves the quality of life of this patient group.
Researchers: Niels van Heerbeek, Machteld van Egmond, Maroeska 

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