5 July 2022

The board of deans has recently decided to grant “ius promovendi” to Willeke Daamen, associate professor Soft tissue regeneration within the Dept. of Biochemistry. In the Netherlands, ius promovendi or the right to award a doctorate, is granted to professors, but can be extended to non-professors when they are sufficiently qualified and affiliated with a university as associate professor (UHD). Dr. Daamen will from now on act as a promotor for PhD-students under her supervision.

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Self-healing injectable hydrogels: an emerging class of novel biomaterials

30 August 2022

Researchers from Radboudumc and Harvard University have jointly published a review article on self-healing injectable hydrogels in Chemical Reviews.

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Vote for the RIMLS Supervisor of the year

7 December 2021

This is your chance to vote for your favourite candidate for supervisor of the year! Support and promote your ideal supervisor from the three nominees: Siroon Bekkering, Gerald Verhaegh and Jo Zhou. Please submit your vote the 20th of December 2021 at the latest.

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Million Euros to develop therapy against cancer metastasis in bones

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Willeke Daamen ratified as ETRS board member

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Turbo Grants for four medical-technical research projects

19 October 2021 Four TURBO grants were recently awarded to new technical-medical research proposals. The grants are part of the TURBO program, a collaboration between the University of Twente (TechMed Centre) and the Radboudumc. read more