13 September 2022

Jeroen de Baaij received an ENW-M grant of 350.000 euros to study the role of magnesium in cell metabolism. The grant allows his team study the basics of energy homeostasis in the cell and is a continuation of the successful magnesium research within the department of Physiology, theme Renal Disorders. The M-grants are intended for innovative, high-quality, fundamental research and/or studies involving matters of scientific urgency.

Energy for Life: Coupling Magnesium and ATP regulation

Cells require energy for growth and normal functioning. In the cell, energy is stored in the form of ATP molecules, which our bound to magnesium ions. When ATP production increases, the cell requires more magnesium. Recent results from my research team demonstrate that magnesium uptake in cells is facilitated by CNNM-TRPM7 magnesium channels. In the project, I will investigate how the activity of the channel is regulated by the energy needs of the cell. The importance of magnesium for the production and storage of energy will be elucidated. 

As a result of this grant, there is a new job opening for a PhD position to work on this project.

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