12 July 2022

Being successful in research not only requires excellent research skills, but also excellent leadership skills. This course is aimed at improving supervision and leadership skills of PhD supervisors in an early stage of this career. It will provide insight in one’s own style of supervision and provides tools to improve this, including creating a safe learning environment, discussing expectations, identifying the needs of a PhD candidate and dealing with intercultural differences and scientific integrity issues.

Two courses will start this autumn:

  • Course in Dutch (‘Begeleiden van promovendi’) on 18 October, 10 November and 6 December 2022. Registration deadline: 26 September.
  • Course in English (‘Supervising PhDs’) on 1 November, 18 November and 13 December 2022. Registration deadline: 11 October.


The course is aimed at researchers starting their own research group who want to improve their supervision skills. Also more experienced group leaders are welcome. Participants of the pilot group should fulfill these requirements:

  • Currently (co-)promotor of at least two PhD candidates
  • He/she has mastered basic personal leadership skills
  • Tenure/career track or permanent contract
  • Attendance of all three meetings of the course


You can register at the Online Learning Environment: Begeleiden van Promovendi / Supervising PhDs (capp12.nl). Please note: you need to register twice: for the course and for the event.

The costs of the course are €900

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