5 May 2022

Although we had to wait for two years due to the COVID pandemic, the RIHS PhD retreat finally took place on April 21 and 22 in Pathé Nijmegen. We feel it was worth the wait! A record number of over 200 PhD candidates registered to the retreat and enjoyed our program.

This year’s workshops, college tour, and keynotes revolved around the theme Mastering your career: life after your dissertation and how to take control. Special guests this year were Marcel Levi and Louise Gunning-Schepers.

Marcel Levi gave an inspiring keynote lecture on the COVID pandemic, how quickly information was shared globally and how this benefited the course of the pandemic. He also gave some tips on being an academic. He made clear it’s all about finding your own path, and, most of all: “Be fascinated!”

Louise Gunning-Schepers gave us an honest insight into transitioning from the academic world to management functions. With an impressive career already behind her, the road hasn’t always been easy. However, she urged us to never give up, because there are no wrong choices. “When the ice gets thin, you just skate a little harder.”

Next to these keynote lectures, Stephan van Duin gave an interesting workshop on how to make impact with your science. We learned that it’s all about defining the impact you want to make, making your message relevant, and being visible. This way you can successfully convey your message to your audience!


On both days, PhD candidates had the opportunity to present their research either in a four-minute short talk or oral presentation. Lisa-Marie Smale was awarded with the best oral presentation, and Malou Gelderblom was awarded with the best four-minute short talk.

Of course, there was plenty of time to interact and get to know each other during the pub quiz by De Quizmeester. All in all, the retreat was a big success. The organizing committee locks back at the Retreat with only good memories. We hope to see you at our next event(s)!

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