1 February 2022

On 21 January, the report Social costs and benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare was published. In this report from the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, three AI-applications in Dutch healthcare were examined. The researchers were extremely positive about the smart app MonitAir, which was partly developed by Primary and Community Care of the Radboudumc.

MonitAir is a self-learning app that can predict lung attacks several days in advance and indicate how the impact of the attack can be reduced or even avoided. MonitAir was previously qualified by KPMG as 'high potential' out of more than 100 AI-applications in healthcare. After research by the Ministry of the social cost-benefits, these turned out to be very positive. Its greatest benefits lie in improving quality of life, reducing healthcare costs, and efficient use of healthcare capacity.

General practitioner and researcher/MonitAir co-developer Erik Bischoff: 'In addition to the applicability of our app, the report also shows that there are still many opportunities for further development and greater reach of AI-applications in healthcare. In addition, the report advises on how to deal with current obstacles to not yet fully exploiting AI-applications.'

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