17 January 2023

In December 2022, five Radboudumc reseachers and one Radboud University researcher received a KWF grant, for the calls 2022-3 & 2022-4 of the Programme Research & Implementation. Call 2022-3 was for funding applications within the research phases Creation of modality, Preclinical research, Clinical research and Implementation research. Call 2022-4 is for funding applications within the research phases Basic research and Credentialing.

Below, the list of the awardees:

1. Hanneke Poort, Radboudumc 

Call 2022-3 | Development / Young Investigator Grants

To develop and test telehealth Acceptance Commitment Therapy for psychological distress in patients with advanced cancer and long-term treatment.

Amount: € 577.149,71

2. Erik Heijden, Radboudumc

Call 2022-3 | Development

Implementation of navigational bronchoscopy in the Netherlands.

Amount: € 526.626,90

3. Annemiek van Spriel, Radboudumc

Call 2022-4 | Exploration

Improving immunotherapy for non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Amount: € 781.664,00

4. Richarda de Voer, Radboudumc

Call 2022-4 | Exploration

Genetic cause of cancer in adolescents or young adults (GERMAYA)

Amount: € 807.900,50

5. Anna Marneth, Radboudumc

Call 2022-4 | Exploration / Young Investigator Grants

How sugared proteins on acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cells influence the cancer process influence the cancer process and can be used in treatment. 

Amount: € 543.863,00

6. Maria Luna Velez, Radboud University

Call 2022-4 | Exploration / Young Investigator Grants

Large-scale protein research to decipher cellular communication in mini-organs of prostate (cancer) tissue to decipher.

Amount: € 665.584,10

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