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About this project

Human functional genomics project is based on integrating multi-layers of molecular data to help understand disease mechanisms better. This systems approach enable us to identify novel targets and/or validate existing targets. read more

About this project

Human functional genomics project is based on integrating multi-layers of molecular data to help understand disease mechanisms better. This systems approach enable us to identify novel targets and/or validate existing targets. 

Cohorts of healthy volunteers: 

  • cohorts of healthy individuals with different genetic backgrounds: 
  • Western-European Netherlands (3 cohorts done: n=500, 200, 1600) 
  • Eastern-Europeans Romania (inclusion started 2017) 
  • Eastern-Africans Tanzania (n=300 completed) 
  • Asians Indonesia (pending funding 2019) 


Cohorts of patients: 

  • candidemia (330 completed) 
  • sepsis (started 2017) 
  • thyroid cancer (started end 2016) 
  • bladder cancer (started 2017) 
  • rheumatoid arthritis (n=400 completed) 
  • recurrent Vulvo-vaginal Candidiasis (started 2017) 
  • obesity +/- cardiovascular diseases (300 completed) 
  • Gout (started June 2016) 
  • type 1 diabetes (200 completed) 
  • BCG vaccination cohort (n=300, 3 time points, started 2017) 
  • Crohn’s disease (to start end 2018) 
  • HIV (200 completed) 


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