Radboudumc and partners Spin-off companies ATRO Medical BV ATRO Medical's meniscus prothesis receives FDA Breakthrough Designation

22 January 2020

Osteoarthritis is one of the leading causes of disability in Europe and the US. The Trammpolin meniscus is an implant that aims at reducing knee pain and improve mobility. The focus of the Breakthrough Device Designation program is to accelerate access for patients and caregivers to effective medical innovation. The meniscus implant will receive priority in upcoming FDA evaluations.

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Boosting the startup ecosystem in Nijmegen!

22 June 2023

TechleapNL, Radboud university, Radboudumc and the municipality of Nijmegen hosted a successful event where innovative health and hightech startups shared their view on the challenges and opportunities for the local startup ecosystem.

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EU grant awarded to development of meniscus prosthesis € 2.5 million for ATRO Medical

8 June 2022 The Dutch startup works on the first anatomical meniscus prostheses for patients with chronic knee pain. Their ground-breaking innovation continues to attract international attention, paving the way towards full-scale healthcare implementation. read more

ATRO Medical closes a new financing round for the Trammpolin® meniscus prosthesis

17 December 2021 ATRO Medical announces the successful closure of a €1.9 million financing round to complete the AIR2 clinical study. read more

Survey of patients to address knee pain from removed meniscus

19 November 2021 Patients with persistent knee pain after meniscus removal can participate at three locations in the Netherlands in the AIR2 study by ATRO Medical, a spin-off of the Radboudumc and DSM. read more

ATRO Medical, Radboudumc and Samaplast develop new meniscus prosthesis Consortium receives EUROSTARS grant for innovative project

16 July 2020 An international consortium led by ATRO Medical, a spin-off of Radboudumc and DSM, will receive € 800,000 European funding for an innovation aimed at patients with knee osteoarthritis. These patients often suffer from cartilage wear due to a meniscus that no longer works properly. read more