About CardiacBooster

CardiacBooster is a spin-off of the Radboud UMC and is located on the NovioTech Campus in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. CardiacBooster has been working on the development of a minimally invasive cardiac support device since 2018.

The product concept has been formulated by Dr. Daniël van Dort, a physician at Radboud University Medical Center. Based on his observations in the cardiac surgery department, Dr. van Dort has developed an innovative approach to left ventricular support.

The CardiacBooster device is a percutaneous left ventricular support device (pVAD). The device system consists of a single-use disposable catheter comprising a pump head at its distal end, and an external pump console which controls the pump action of the device. The pump head of the catheter is placed in the left ventricle by minimally invasive, standard percutaneous technique. Once in place and active, the device pumps blood from the left ventricle through the aortic valve into the aorta by actuation of a small, inflatable balloon inside a miniature pump volume. Directionality of flow is ensured by the trans-aortic element and in-flow valves integrated into the outer shell of the pump volume.

About CardiacBooster

A simple device that mechanically supports the heart in that first critical phase, in order to increase the chances of survival. read more

CardiacBooster details

  • CEO: Florian Ludwig
  • Affliated department: Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
  • Researcher: Daniel van Dort
  • Year of incorporation: 2018
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