About Enzyre BV

Near Patient Diagnostics Focused on Blood Coagulation. read more

About Enzyre BV

Enzyre has the mission to develop innovative diagnostic solutions to enable personalized medicine. Their vision is to create a point of care diagnostic platform that will measure a multitude of enzymatic reactions based on chemiluminescence.


The challenge is to make a truly portable device, with a cartridge that includes reagents to perform a number of clinically relevant tests, including controls, that has the same quality as tests performed in a specialized hospital laboratory at equivalent costs. Furthermore, the results need to be made available to the attending physician whether he or she is on location or in hospital.


ENZYCARDs are small microfluidic cartridges that slide into the ENZYPAD processor and contain all the reagents and controls to perform up to sixteen reactions. The first ENZYPAD products will be focused on blood coagulation, the core expertise of the company. The technology can however be applied more broadly in collaboration with partners with expertise in different fields.

Market potential

The first target market for the ENZYPAD technology is Hemophilia patients to monitor their blood coagulation. This well-defined patient population is well aware of the bleeding risks and associated complications that clearly require to have more frequent analysis of blood coagulation so therapy can be adjusted timely. We estimate this market to be about €120M.

Enzyre BV Details

  • CEO: Guido Maertens
  • Affliated department: Hematology
  • Researcher: Waander van Heerde
  • Year of incorporation: 2016
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