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Bruna Dos Santos Vieira MSc

About Bruna Dos Santos Vieira

Bruna Vieira obtained her MSc degree in Public Health from the University of Porto, Portugal. The thesis, also developed in Portugal, focused on data quality analysis for hospital-based cancer registries. From 2011-2014, she studied Hospital Management in the University Feevale, in Brazil. While studying, she worked at Grupo Hospitalar Conceição and developed integrated projects involving process, people, logistics, strategic planning, and financial management. Here in Radboudumc, Bruna works as a data steward for the CMBI and Radiology departments, collaborating in multiple projects and implementations such as EJPRD and the VASCA registry for Rare Vascular Anomalies.


  • data steward CMBI


  • MSc in Public Health, Porto University, 2018
  • Hospital Management, Feevale University, 2014

Additional Functions

  • Semantic and metadata specialist at Health RI (2022 onwards)
  • FAIRification Stewards team lead EJP RD (2021 onwards)
  • Member of European Joint Programme for Rare Diseases (2019 onwards)

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