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Erik van der Heijden MD PhD

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Erik van der Heijden associate professor

Erik van der Heijden is professor of the Thoracic Oncology Program Radboudumc.

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Erik van der Heijden associate professor

Associate Professors Interventional Pulmonology: Interventional pulmonology is a rapidly evolving field focusing on minimal invasive diagnostic techniques and minimal invasive treatments in pulmonary medicine. In my appointment as associate professor I will specifically focus on technological innovations in interventional pulmonology in lung cancer diagnosis and treatments. This research combines activities in the Image Guided Treatment Technology Center and the research themes 'Health care Improvement Science' and 'Rare Cancers'.

Clinical work: interventional pulmonolgy thoracic oncology center for central airway diseases 'keteneigenaar' (chain manager) thoracale oncologie CvO.

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Pulmonary Diseases

Radboudumc Technology Center Image-guided treatments

This technology center offers unique consulting services and expertise to incorporate newly developed medical technology innovations and accelerate their success rate.

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