Radboud Institute for Health Sciences

John Graunt Award

Since 2016, the Radboud Institute for Health Sciences honors an outstanding scientist every two years for their extraordinary achievements in one of the population sciences. read more

Richard Grol Visiting Scientist Award

The Radboud Institute for Health Sciences honors a foreign researcher or teacher with the Richard Grol Visiting Scientist Award. read more

4 year PhD positions

To stimulate innovative health sciences research, a number of PhD positions are annually available within RIHS. In 2020 funding will be made available for 6 Junior Researcher projects. read more

RIHS PhD Award

The RIHS PhD Award is annually awarded to the best thesis within the RIHS.  read more

RIHS Science Award

The RIHS Science Award is annually awarded to the best peer-reviewed scientific publication within RIHS. read more

RIHS Patient Involvement Award

Since RIHS values patient engagement in research, we launched the RIHS Patient Involvement Award in 2021. read more

RIHS Societal Impact Award

The RIHS Societal Impact Award is annually awarded to a RIHS research product with a high impact on society. read more

RIHS Supervisor of the year

From 2018 onwards RIHS awards the supervisor of the year. read more

All Radboudumc grants and awards

Grants and awards Radboudumc

Radboudumc grants several awards and subsidies every year. Our scientists also receive prestigious national and international awards. read more