18 November 2022

During the lecture Dick gave an overview of the work he has performed in the last 20 years, reflected on the central lessons he learned, and shared the plans for the future.

The central theme of the professorial lecture was, obviously, the role of physical (in)activity in the development of cardiovascular disease. More specifically, he discussed the underlying cardiovascular physiological mechanisms why, how and how fast physical (in)activity is able to affect the cardiovascular system and the risk for developing cardiovascular disease. The general concept related to the repeated exposure to changes in blood flow, which seems an essential stimulus for the heart and blood vessels to adapt. This general concept of repeated exposure to stimuli even seems applicable to learning of new knowledge.

Following the lecture, we enjoyed drinks and a great party with current and previous 'generations' of PhD-students and post-docs of the Department of Physiology.

Photos taken by Theo Hafmans


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