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Psychological factors play an important role in the development and course of various somatic disorders. The general objective of our research is to improve the quality of diagnostics and treatment of patients with somatic disorders with respect to psychological determinants and consequences.


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Our educational goal is to integrate medical psychology as much a possible with the other disciplines. Within the domain of medical psychology high priority is given to psychological determinants of disease, coping with illness, communication skills and professional behavior.

Radboud Institute for Health Sciences

This department is affiliated with RIHS. The research at this institute aims to improve clinical practice and public health. institute pages

Donders Institute for brain, cognition and behaviour

This department is affiliated with the Donders Institute. Their mission is to carry out world class research that advances our knowledge on how the nervous system develops and functions and how it is altered by disease, injury, genetic, and environmental factors like stress. institute pages

Patient care

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Entrance: Radboudumc main entrance (hoofdingang)
Route: 840

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Getting there

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Radboudumc main entrance
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Go to Geert Grooteplein Zuid 10
Enter building at: Radboudumc main entrance (hoofdingang)
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