Research Departments Physiology 20220603 Valedictory lecture Prof Rene Bindels
3 June 2022

That journey led to the groundbreaking discovery of the transient receptor potential ion channel TRPV5. This calcium channel plays an essential role in maintaining the calcium balance in our body. The importance of the "forgotten" mineral magnesium was also illustrated by several rare hereditary forms of renal magnesium loss. 

Finally, he presented three tips to unburden the work life of our scientists: take care of our scientists, let's publish less albeit with more impact, and re-design the funding of science.

The valedictory lecture can be watched via this link (in Dutch only).

Prior to the farewell lecture a symposium was organized by the department in honor of René Bindels. Orson Moe, Jolanda van der Velden, Stan van der Graaf, Guillén Fernández, Judith Prins, Thijs Eijsvogels and Joost Hoenderop presented their view on René’s achievements over the years.

A photo impression of the symposium can be seen via this link:

Until the end of this year, René Bindels will continue his RIMLS directorship on a part-time basis and contribute to the project of rehousing laboratories.


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