Research Departments Physiology 20220722 Research during the Nijmegen Four Days Marches Nijmegen
22 July 2022

Researchers from the Integrative Physiology group performed several studies at this mass-participation walking event. We explored whether suppletion with whey or insect proteins could attenuate exercise-induced skeletal muscle damage in a randomized clinical trial. Furthermore, we evaluated the validity of a novel algorithm to estimate core temperature using heart rate recordings. Other studies explored the potential mechanisms of cancer treatment related fatigue and how exercise could attenuate these deleterious side effects, as well as an online survey on heat mitigation measures that individuals apply to themselves or their home environment during a heatwave.

Beyond the scientific efforts, there was also a lot of media attention for our work. Maria Hopman was invited at Op1 and Renze  talkshows to explain about the health risks of a heatwave and how this impacts participants of the Nijmegen Marches. Thijs Eijsvogels explained at Nieuwsuur and RTL Nieuws about which countermeasures should be taken to deal with long-term heat exposure. Coen Bongers was interviewed by and several newspapers about thermoregulation during exercise in the heat. Yannick de Korte told NOS Radio 1 News about the value of algorithms that can be used to estimate heat stress and core temperature during exercise, and how this could contribute to prevent heat-related illnesses in the future.


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21 July 2022

Two researchers from the Radboudumc receive a grant from the NWO within the Open Competition of the Exact and Natural Sciences. They are Thijs Eijsvogels, who studies the heart, and Pieter Leermakers, who studies the kidneys. 

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Your heart rate as a thermometer Research Olympic athletes will be followed up during 4Daagse

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Body temperature can be determined from heart rate. This is what research by the Radboudumc among Olympic athletes shows. Athletes can use this method during training to eventually perform better in the heat. The technique is now being further investigated among participants in the 4Daagse.

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Thijs Eijsvogels twelve and a half years anniversary at Radboudumc

18 July 2022

Reason for celebration with all Physiology colleagues during our Summer BBQ

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PhD degree for Thijs Landman

28 June 2022

Thijs Landman succsessfully obtained his PhD degree in the Medical Sciences of the Radboud University.

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International Magnesium Symposium organized by the Society for the Development of Research on Magnesium (SDRM)

23 June 2022

Heidi Schigt reports on attending this symposium that was held in Glasgow, Scotland

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Nierdaagse Going next level to raise money for the Dutch Kidney Foundation

18 June 2022

Just like the last two years, the Dutch Kidney Foundation organized the “Nierdaagse”, an alternative for the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse.

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