Best Master thesis

The Master's thesis is a proof of the ability of a Master's student to perform scientific research and to present his/her findings in a clear and concise manner. Yearly RIMLS gives an award to the most outstanding Master's dissertation.

Call is open for Best Master thesis by a M.Sc. student who produced in 2022 the best scientific report of his/her practical research project. 

Deadline 10 November 2022.

Please send your nominations to:

Download the application information.

Previous winners:

Year Winner Title of
2021 Andrea Rodgers Furones Galectin-9: the grand master during dentriticcell-mediated T-cell immunity
2020 Mara Nicolasen Major Histocompatibility Complex- class I drives polarisation of the microtubule organizing center in dendritic cell synapses
2019 Julia Verhoef CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene editing of pantothenamide resistance genes in Plasmodium Falciparum
2018 Eline van Houtum Glycoengineered molecules to target the sialic acid-siglec axis in tumor immunology
2017 Anouk Becker Novel strategy for targeted nanovaccines for cancer immunotherapy
2016 Marilen Benner Differential effects of microbes on endometrial lymphocytes. Analysis of endometrial and placental lymphocytes and the possible role of the local microbiome
2015 Felix Fennemann Site-directed antibody functionalization for targeted vaccination
2014 Bart van Beusekom Re-refinement in protein structure validation
2013 Sarah Weischer Blocking Aberrant Sialylation in Cancer Cells -A Sweet Way to Augment Anti‐Tumor Immunity
2012 Margo Dona Dissecting the function of ninl and c20orf12 using Danio Rerio as a model organism. Two players of the Usher protein network
2011 Pascal Miessen (shared)
Christian Büll (shared)
A novel microRNA inhibitor in mouse cytomegalovirus is veiled as microRNA target
Acute Inflammatory Response to Mannan Provides an Activating Environment for Arthritogenic SKG T-cells
2010 Veronika te Boekhorst Control of cancer cell invasion and nuclear deformability by nuclear lamins
2009 Anna Haeger The role of (local) cellular NAD+-levels during glioma growth and migration
2008 - -
2007 Hanneke Wittgen Application of a rapid, reversible and tunable protein regulation method to regulate the expression of the Ca2+ channel TRPV5
2006 Anneke Navis Characterisation of RPGRIP1 interacting proteins
2005 Elisa Börger The development of signet ring cell differentiation in mucinous carcinomas
2004 Stanley Hato Not available
2003 Sophia Bruggeman Not available
2002 Mike de Bruijni Not available
2001 - -
2000 Pascal Duijf Not available
1999 Christiaan de Kock Not available
1998 Manon Zweers Not available
1997 Erik Vossenaar Not available
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Funding and support

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