Best PhD thesis

The doctoral thesis is a proof of the ability of the PhD candidate to perform independent scientific research. Yearly RIMLS gives an award to the most outstanding thesis.

Call is open for Best PhD thesis by the PhD candidate who delivered the best thesis of 2022. 

Deadline 10 November 2022.

Please send your nominations to:

Download the application information.

Previous winners

Year Winner Title of thesis
2021 Joep Joosten Mechanistic insights into the piRNA machinery of Aedes mosquitoes
2020 Rik Lindeboom Investigating gene regulation in development and disease using integrative omics approaches
2019 Guido van Mierlo Viewing pluripotency from a multi-omics perspective.
2018 Mani Diba Development of composite biomaterials with self-healing properties.
2017 Pascal Miesen Untangling the piRNA pathway in the arbovirus vector mosquito Aedes aegypti.
2016 Kalijn Bol Dendritic cell-based immunotherapy in melanoma
2015 Jeroen de Baaij The Distal Convoluted Tubule: the Art of Magnesium Transport 
2014 Ellen van den Bogaard From skin development to disease pathogenesis and therapeutics - The power of 3D skin models
2013 Jurjen Tel Plasmacytoid dendritic cells & immunotherapy of cancer
2012 Theo Plantinga Modulation of inflammation by genetic variation in innate immunity
2011 Jenny van der Wijst New patches in the molecular understanding of renal magnesium handling
2010 Joost Lesterhuis Dendritic cells in cancer immunotherapy
2009 Camiel Boon Hereditary retinal disease, Clinical and genetic studies on the role of the peripherin/RDS gene, the BEST1 gene, and the CFH gene
2008 David Koolen Opy number variation and mental retardation
2007 Lisenka Vissers Molecular karyotyping by array CGH. Linking gene dosage alterations to disease phenotypes
2006 Tom Neijenhuis Epithelial Ca2+ and Mg2+ channels in health and disease
2005 Manon Zweers (shared)
Toni Gabaldon (shared)
Tenascin-X. Clinical and biological aspects
Origin and evolution of the mitochondrial proteome: applications for protein function prediction in the eukaryotes
2004 Edwin Janssen Not available
2003 Ole Madsen Not available
2002 Anneke den Hollander Not available
2001 Jan Koenderink Not available
2000 Joost Hoenderop Not available
1999 Anne Lenferink ErbB Receptor Signaling Diversity Studied by EGF/TGF-alpha Chimeras
1998 Albert de Roos Not available
1997 Lex Bakker (shared)
Marcel Verbeek (shared)
Not available
Not available
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Acknowledging excellence

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Funding and support

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