Travel grant

RIMLS travel grants are available for work-related travel (e.g. conference, work placement) expenses with up to 50% of the costs refunded. In 2022, the last RIMLS travel awards were awarded.

Radboudumc has decided to merge the research institutes as of 2023, so RIMLS is no longer a separate institute. The travel bonus will therefore be stopped. You could try to find a travel grant via these links:

RIMLS Travel Grants:

Year Winner Journey
2022 Wouter van Megen € 1000,- for a work visit at Bar Harbor, USA
2022 Siebren Faber € 500,-  for a workplacement at University of Geneva, Switserland
2022 Tim Baltussen € 500,- for a workplacement at University Manchester, UK
2022 Julie Verhoef € 1000,- for a conference in Woods Hole, USA
2022 Felicitas Pardow € 1000,- for a conference in Pennsylvania, USA
2022 Tim Somers € 1000,- for a conference in San Diego, USA
2022 Asima Abidi € 1000,- for a conference in Oregon, USA
2021 Cansu  Yanginlar € 445,- to visit a conference Tübingen/Germany
2021 Daan Vieringa € 1000,- to visit a conference in San Diego, CA, USA
2021 Gijs Franken € 900,- to visit a conference in Andover, NH, USA
2021 Lotte Tholen € 475,- to visit a workshop in Santander, Spain
2021 Elke Muntjewerff € 500,- for a work placement at Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
2021 Teodora-Veronica Grigore € 500,- for a work placement at Karolinska Institute Stockholm, Sweden
2020 Inge Wortel € 1,000 to visit a conference in Montreal, Canada
2020 Farid Keramati € 300 to visit symposium in Lyon, France 
2020 Charlotte Hoogstraten € 950 to visit a Toxicologie meeting in Aneheim, California
2020 Quan Xu € 250 to visit a bioinformatic conference in Leuven, Belgium
2020 Noa van den Brink € 1,000 to visit a symposium in Pennsylvania, USA
2020 Mariya Chernyavaska € 500 for a work visit Zürich, Switserland 
2020 Sofie Tolmeijer € 950 for a work visit in Vancouver, Canada
2020 Sanne van Lith € 1,000 to visit a conference in Buffalo, USA
2019 Cenna van Manen € 500 for a work placement at Karls university of Tuebingen, Germany
2019 Remco van Cruchten € 450 to visit the International Myotonic Dystrophy Consortium meeting, Sweden
2019 Lisanne Gommers € 1,000 to visit the conference Keystone Symposia Microbiome: Chemical Mechanisms and Biological Consequences, Canada
2019 Elke Muntjewerff € 1,000 to visit th annual Meeting of the American Association of Immunologists in May 2019, San Diego, USA
2019 Daan Panneman € 1,000 to visit the Gordon Conference on Mitochondrial Dynamics and Signaling, USA
2019 Eva-Leonne Göttgens € 465 to visit the 38th ESTRO meeting in Milan
2019 Georgina Flórez-Grau  € 400 for a work placement at the Immunology Institute in Marseille, France 
2019 Jorge Dominquez Andres € 500 to visit the Conference: 2nd Human & Translational Immunology, Greece
2018 Edyta Swider € 500,- to visit the ISMRM conference in Paris, France
2018 Jos Smits € 1000,- to visit the International Investigative Dermatology meeting in Orlando, Florida, USA
2018 Vera Dunlock € 700,- to visit the conference “Tetraspanin scaffolds in cancer and infectious disease” in Arizona, USA
2018 Nicole Visser € 1000,- for a work placement at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, USA
2018 Daphne Lobeek € 400,- to visit the 8'n international Symposium Sentinel Node Biopsy in Head and Neck Cancer - Consensus Meeting in London, UK
2018 Hanna Niehues € 1000,- to visit the International Investigative Dermatology meeting in Orlando, Florida, USA
2018 Martijn van den Bosch € 500,- to visit the OARSI 2018 World Congress in Liverpool, UK
2017 Marilen Benner Keystone symposium: "Maternal‐Fetal Cross" Washington D.C., USA
2017 Carlijn Bruggeling Work placement at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institution, Baltimore, USA
2017 Amelieke Cremers Work placement at the Department of Genetics, University of Leicester, Leicester, UK
2017 Andreas Kompatscher Experimental Biology Meeting 2017, Chicago, USA
2017 Svenja Mennens Symposium EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany
2017 Nelleke Spruijt Keystone Conference: Hematopoiesis. Banff, Alberta, Canada
2017 Laurens van de Wiel European Human Genetics Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark
2016 Brooke Latour Keystone Symposium: Ubiquitin Signaling (X3), Whistler Conference Centre, Whistler, Canada
2016 René Marke The American Society of Hematology (ASH) conference 2016 in San Diego, USA
2016 Pascal Miesen Keystone symposium. Small RNA silencing: Little Guides, big biology, Keystone Resort, Colorado USA
2016 Wouter Touw Work visit, Imperial College, London, UK
2016 Lotte de Winde 7th European Conference on Tetraspanins, Sheffield University Medical School, UK
2016 Jenny van der Wijst 60th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting (in combination with a work visit to the lab of Dr. Yifan Cheng), Los Angeles, USA
2015 Christian Büll Glyco23, 23rd International Symposium on Glycoconjugates, Croatia
2015 Alex Garanto Iglesias Work placement, Iowa, USA
2015 Kirsten Kuipers Pneumococcus congress, Oxford, UK
2015 Marije Sloff TERMIS World Congress, Boston, USA
2015 Sophieke van der Steen 19th Biennial Meeting of the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology, France
2015 Florian Wimmers EFIS/EJI Immunology Summer School, Porto Cervo, Italy
2014 Michele Fedecostante IRB-PhD retreat, Barcelona, Spain
2014 Tessa van der Geest IRB-PhD retreat, Barcelona, Spain
2014 Lisanne van Oppen IRB-PhD retreat, Barcelona, Spain
2014 Rocio Acuna Conference European Society for Human Genetics, Milan, Italy
2014 Jeroen de Baaij ISN Forefronts, Boston, USA
2014 Ellen van den Bogaard 8th Georg Bajka Int symp on atopic dermatitis (ISAD), Nottingham, UK
2014 Arthur Kuipers Gordon Conference Barga Lucca, Italy
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Funding and support

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