Best PhD thesis

The doctoral thesis is a proof of the ability of the PhD candidate to perform independent scientific research. Yearly RIMLS gives an award to the most outstanding thesis.

Previous winners

Year Winner Title of thesis
2021 Joep Joosten Mechanistic insights into the piRNA machinery of Aedes mosquitoes
2020 Rik Lindeboom Investigating gene regulation in development and disease using integrative omics approaches
2019 Guido van Mierlo Viewing pluripotency from a multi-omics perspective.
2018 Mani Diba Development of composite biomaterials with self-healing properties.
2017 Pascal Miesen Untangling the piRNA pathway in the arbovirus vector mosquito Aedes aegypti.
2016 Kalijn Bol Dendritic cell-based immunotherapy in melanoma
2015 Jeroen de Baaij The Distal Convoluted Tubule: the Art of Magnesium Transport 
2014 Ellen van den Bogaard From skin development to disease pathogenesis and therapeutics - The power of 3D skin models
2013 Jurjen Tel Plasmacytoid dendritic cells & immunotherapy of cancer
2012 Theo Plantinga Modulation of inflammation by genetic variation in innate immunity
2011 Jenny van der Wijst New patches in the molecular understanding of renal magnesium handling
2010 Joost Lesterhuis Dendritic cells in cancer immunotherapy
2009 Camiel Boon Hereditary retinal disease, Clinical and genetic studies on the role of the peripherin/RDS gene, the BEST1 gene, and the CFH gene
2008 David Koolen Opy number variation and mental retardation
2007 Lisenka Vissers Molecular karyotyping by array CGH. Linking gene dosage alterations to disease phenotypes
2006 Tom Neijenhuis Epithelial Ca2+ and Mg2+ channels in health and disease
2005 Manon Zweers (shared)
Toni Gabaldon (shared)
Tenascin-X. Clinical and biological aspects
Origin and evolution of the mitochondrial proteome: applications for protein function prediction in the eukaryotes
2004 Edwin Janssen Not available
2003 Ole Madsen Not available
2002 Anneke den Hollander Not available
2001 Jan Koenderink Not available
2000 Joost Hoenderop Not available
1999 Anne Lenferink Not available
1998 Albert de Roos Not available
1997 Lex Bakker (shared)
Marcel Verbeek (shared)
Not available
Not available
Research Principles of research Grants and awards

Acknowledging excellence

To acknowledge the excellence of our scientists and to stimulate them to further their career, Radboudumc and its research institutes annually grant several awards and subsidies. Furthermore, our scientists also receive prestigious national and international awards and subsidized grants.

A selection

With over 4,000 researchers at Radboudumc, there is so much happening. Here a selection of the grants and subsidies awarded to our researchers.

Spinoza Prize

The NWO Spinoza Prize is known as the "Dutch Nobel Prize". It is a mark of honor and a stimulus for further research. see laureates

Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences

Best Master thesis

Every year, RIMLS gives an award to the most outstanding Master's dissertation. read more

Best Master thesis

The Master's thesis is a proof of the ability of a Master's student to perform scientific research and to present his/her findings in a clear and concise manner. Yearly RIMLS gives an award to the most outstanding Master's dissertation.

Previous winners:

Year Winner Title of
2021 Andrea Rodgers Furones Galectin-9: the grand master during dentriticcell-mediated T-cell immunity
2020 Mara Nicolasen Major Histocompatibility Complex- class I drives polarisation of the microtubule organizing center in dendritic cell synapses
2019 Julia Verhoef CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene editing of pantothenamide resistance genes in Plasmodium Falciparum
2018 Eline van Houtum Glycoengineered molecules to target the sialic acid-siglec axis in tumor immunology
2017 Anouk Becker Novel strategy for targeted nanovaccines for cancer immunotherapy
2016 Marilen Benner Differential effects of microbes on endometrial lymphocytes. Analysis of endometrial and placental lymphocytes and the possible role of the local microbiome
2015 Felix Fennemann Site-directed antibody functionalization for targeted vaccination
2014 Bart van Beusekom Re-refinement in protein structure validation
2013 Sarah Weischer Blocking Aberrant Sialylation in Cancer Cells -A Sweet Way to Augment Anti‐Tumor Immunity
2012 Margo Dona Dissecting the function of ninl and c20orf12 using Danio Rerio as a model organism. Two players of the Usher protein network
2011 Pascal Miessen (shared)
Christian Büll (shared)
A novel microRNA inhibitor in mouse cytomegalovirus is veiled as microRNA target
Acute Inflammatory Response to Mannan Provides an Activating Environment for Arthritogenic SKG T-cells
2010 Veronika te Boekhorst Control of cancer cell invasion and nuclear deformability by nuclear lamins
2009 Anna Haeger The role of (local) cellular NAD+-levels during glioma growth and migration
2008 - -
2007 Hanneke Wittgen Application of a rapid, reversible and tunable protein regulation method to regulate the expression of the Ca2+ channel TRPV5
2006 Anneke Navis Characterisation of RPGRIP1 interacting proteins
2005 Elisa Börger The development of signet ring cell differentiation in mucinous carcinomas
2004 Stanley Hato Not available
2003 Sophia Bruggeman Not available
2002 Mike de Bruijni Not available
2001 - -
2000 Pascal Duijf Not available
1999 Christiaan de Kock Not available
1998 Manon Zweers Not available
1997 Erik Vossenaar Not available

Best PhD thesis

Every year, RIMLS gives an award to the most outstanding PhD dissertation. read more

Supervisor of the year

Excellence is shown in many ways, and excellent supervision is something we should all strive for! read more

Supervisor of the year

The supervisor of the year award is organized by the RIMLS PhD Council.

For 2021 Siroon Bekkering, Jo Zhou and Gerald Verhaegh were the three nominated supervisors. All RIMLS PhD candidates were invited to vote for these nominees. After an exciting neck-to-neck race Gerald Verhaegh, theme Urological Cancers, was elected as Supervisor of the Year 2021! 

Previous winners:

Year Winner Theme
2021 Gerald Verhaegh Urological Cancers
2020 Frank Hoentjen Inflammatory Diseases
2019 Iris Nagtegaal Tumors of the digestive tract
2018 Matthijs Kox Infectious diseases and global health
2017 Ronald van Rij Infectious diseases and global health



Best publication

RIMLS awards a prize for the best peer-reviewed publication annually. The publication should relate to a major scientific "breakthrough" that advances scientific understanding. read more

Best publication

Since 2011, RIMLS awards annually a prize for the best peer-reviewed publication. The publication should relate to a major scientific "breakthrough" that advances scientific understanding. The winner for 2021 is Felix Evers, et al.

Previous winners

RIMLS Image Award

Images made with a MIC microscope. read more

RIMLS Image Award

Find below an overview from images made with a MIC microscope. The best image of 2021 is from Mariya Chernyavska.

Previous winners:

2021 - Mariya Chernyavska

2020 - Daan ‘t Hart en Valentina Palacio-Casteneda:

2019 - Ben Joosten:

2018 -  Leontien van der Bent:

Travel grant

RIMLS “travel” grants are available for a work-related event (e.g. online events, conferences, workshops, work placements, etc) expenses. read more

Travel grant

RIMLS travel grants are available for work-related travel (e.g. conference, work placement) expenses with up to 50% of the costs refunded. In 2022, the last RIMLS travel awards were awarded.

RIMLS Travel Grants:

Year Winner Journey
2022 Wouter van Megen € 1000,- for a work visit at Bar Harbor, USA
2022 Siebren Faber € 500,-  for a workplacement at University of Geneva, Switserland
2022 Tim Baltussen € 500,- for a workplacement at University Manchester, UK
2022 Julie Verhoef € 1000,- for a conference in Woods Hole, USA
2022 Felicitas Pardow € 1000,- for a conference in Pennsylvania, USA
2022 Tim Somers € 1000,- for a conference in San Diego, USA
2022 Asima Abidi € 1000,- for a conference in Oregon, USA
2021 Cansu  Yanginlar € 445,- to visit a conference Tübingen/Germany
2021 Daan Vieringa € 1000,- to visit a conference in San Diego, CA, USA
2021 Gijs Franken € 900,- to visit a conference in Andover, NH, USA
2021 Lotte Tholen € 475,- to visit a workshop in Santander, Spain
2021 Elke Muntjewerff € 500,- for a work placement at Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
2021 Teodora-Veronica Grigore € 500,- for a work placement at Karolinska Institute Stockholm, Sweden
2020 Inge Wortel € 1,000 to visit a conference in Montreal, Canada
2020 Farid Keramati € 300 to visit symposium in Lyon, France 
2020 Charlotte Hoogstraten € 950 to visit a Toxicologie meeting in Aneheim, California
2020 Quan Xu € 250 to visit a bioinformatic conference in Leuven, Belgium
2020 Noa van den Brink € 1,000 to visit a symposium in Pennsylvania, USA
2020 Mariya Chernyavaska € 500 for a work visit Zürich, Switserland 
2020 Sofie Tolmeijer € 950 for a work visit in Vancouver, Canada
2020 Sanne van Lith € 1,000 to visit a conference in Buffalo, USA
2019 Cenna van Manen € 500 for a work placement at Karls university of Tuebingen, Germany
2019 Remco van Cruchten € 450 to visit the International Myotonic Dystrophy Consortium meeting, Sweden
2019 Lisanne Gommers € 1,000 to visit the conference Keystone Symposia Microbiome: Chemical Mechanisms and Biological Consequences, Canada
2019 Elke Muntjewerff € 1,000 to visit th annual Meeting of the American Association of Immunologists in May 2019, San Diego, USA
2019 Daan Panneman € 1,000 to visit the Gordon Conference on Mitochondrial Dynamics and Signaling, USA
2019 Eva-Leonne Göttgens € 465 to visit the 38th ESTRO meeting in Milan
2019 Georgina Flórez-Grau  € 400 for a work placement at the Immunology Institute in Marseille, France 
2019 Jorge Dominquez Andres € 500 to visit the Conference: 2nd Human & Translational Immunology, Greece
2018 Edyta Swider € 500,- to visit the ISMRM conference in Paris, France
2018 Jos Smits € 1000,- to visit the International Investigative Dermatology meeting in Orlando, Florida, USA
2018 Vera Dunlock € 700,- to visit the conference “Tetraspanin scaffolds in cancer and infectious disease” in Arizona, USA
2018 Nicole Visser € 1000,- for a work placement at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, USA
2018 Daphne Lobeek € 400,- to visit the 8'n international Symposium Sentinel Node Biopsy in Head and Neck Cancer - Consensus Meeting in London, UK
2018 Hanna Niehues € 1000,- to visit the International Investigative Dermatology meeting in Orlando, Florida, USA
2018 Martijn van den Bosch € 500,- to visit the OARSI 2018 World Congress in Liverpool, UK
2017 Marilen Benner Keystone symposium: "Maternal‐Fetal Cross" Washington D.C., USA
2017 Carlijn Bruggeling Work placement at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institution, Baltimore, USA
2017 Amelieke Cremers Work placement at the Department of Genetics, University of Leicester, Leicester, UK
2017 Andreas Kompatscher Experimental Biology Meeting 2017, Chicago, USA
2017 Svenja Mennens Symposium EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany
2017 Nelleke Spruijt Keystone Conference: Hematopoiesis. Banff, Alberta, Canada
2017 Laurens van de Wiel European Human Genetics Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark
2016 Brooke Latour Keystone Symposium: Ubiquitin Signaling (X3), Whistler Conference Centre, Whistler, Canada
2016 René Marke The American Society of Hematology (ASH) conference 2016 in San Diego, USA
2016 Pascal Miesen Keystone symposium. Small RNA silencing: Little Guides, big biology, Keystone Resort, Colorado USA
2016 Wouter Touw Work visit, Imperial College, London, UK
2016 Lotte de Winde 7th European Conference on Tetraspanins, Sheffield University Medical School, UK
2016 Jenny van der Wijst 60th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting (in combination with a work visit to the lab of Dr. Yifan Cheng), Los Angeles, USA
2015 Christian Büll Glyco23, 23rd International Symposium on Glycoconjugates, Croatia
2015 Alex Garanto Iglesias Work placement, Iowa, USA
2015 Kirsten Kuipers Pneumococcus congress, Oxford, UK
2015 Marije Sloff TERMIS World Congress, Boston, USA
2015 Sophieke van der Steen 19th Biennial Meeting of the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology, France
2015 Florian Wimmers EFIS/EJI Immunology Summer School, Porto Cervo, Italy
2014 Michele Fedecostante IRB-PhD retreat, Barcelona, Spain
2014 Tessa van der Geest IRB-PhD retreat, Barcelona, Spain
2014 Lisanne van Oppen IRB-PhD retreat, Barcelona, Spain
2014 Rocio Acuna Conference European Society for Human Genetics, Milan, Italy
2014 Jeroen de Baaij ISN Forefronts, Boston, USA
2014 Ellen van den Bogaard 8th Georg Bajka Int symp on atopic dermatitis (ISAD), Nottingham, UK
2014 Arthur Kuipers Gordon Conference Barga Lucca, Italy

RIMLS award

An award as recognition for the extra dedication for RIMLS. read more

RIMLS award

The Annual RIMLS Award for 2021 is for Helma Pluk 

The RIMLS award is an annual prize for people who have contributed a lot to the RIMLS institute. Helma Pluk is the coordinator of our research master “Molecular Mechanisme of Disease”. Truly at the heart of our institute. Last year the master programme was extensively evaluated. We are proud to have Helma Pluk as our colleague..

Year Name Theme
2021 Helma Pluk Coordinator of our research master ''Molecular Mechanism of Disease''.
2020 Otto Boerman Director of the Radboud Animal Research Facility
2019 Jack Fransen Nanomedicine
2018 Bert van der Reijden Cancer development and immune defense

Hans Bloemendal Medal

The Hans Bloemendal Medal is bestowed by the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences on very prominent scientists active in a wide variety of research fields. read more

Radboud Institute for Health Sciences

John Graunt Award

Since 2016, the Radboud Institute for Health Sciences honors an outstanding scientist every two years for their extraordinary achievements in one of the population sciences. read more

Richard Grol Visiting Scientist Award

The Radboud Institute for Health Sciences honors a foreign researcher or teacher with the Richard Grol Visiting Scientist Award. read more

4 year PhD positions

To stimulate innovative health sciences research, a number of PhD positions are annually available within RIHS. In 2020 funding will be made available for 6 Junior Researcher projects. read more

RIHS PhD Award

The RIHS PhD Award is annually awarded to the best thesis within the RIHS.  read more

RIHS Science Award

The RIHS Science Award is annually awarded to the best peer-reviewed scientific publication within RIHS. read more

RIHS Patient Involvement Award

Since RIHS values patient engagement in research, we launched the RIHS Patient Involvement Award in 2021. read more

RIHS Societal Impact Award

The RIHS Societal Impact Award is annually awarded to a RIHS research product with a high impact on society. read more

RIHS Supervisor of the year

From 2018 onwards RIHS awards the supervisor of the year. read more

Funding and support

Funding and support

Are you a researcher at Radboudumc and do you wish to obtain a grant, national or international, for your research group or as an individual? To help you get started, we offer an overview of some of the available grants including some funded by Radboudumc. see overview