News items Radboud university medical center appoints thirteen female professors
29 April 2021

Radboud university medical center has appointed thirteen female researchers, lecturers and clinicians as professors. With their appointment, the percentage of female professors increases to thirty percent.

Female professors are, as in other university medical centers, underrepresented in Radboud university medical center. That had to change. Therefore, after an intensive selection procedure, thirteen top academics were appointed as professors. Their fields of expertise cover the entire (bio-)medical field, ranging from fundamental and translational to clinical research, education and patient care.

Jan Smit, dean and vice-chairman of the Executive Board: "For a long time we had the idea that talent always rises to the top. In practice, however, that has not always been the case. With these appointments there are more women in key positions, and thus more often involved in policy making and application processes. We are confident of taking another important step towards a more inclusive organization."

The following professors have been appointed:

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