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23 August 2022

Last weekend was Lowlands: a festival with so much more than just music. Lowlands Science brings science to the attention of a wide audience. And with success: it was extremely busy with enthusiastic participants. Researchers from Radboud University Medical Center determined the resilience of the festival visitors and investigated how they operated after a few drinks.

The grounds of Lowlands Science: beautiful weather and many enthusiastic festival visitors who were eager to participate in the scientific research. The twelve projects, including two from Radboudumc, all had their own tent.


Is someone fit enough for surgery? That depends, among other things, on people's resilience. And you can measure that, for example, with hand squeeze strength.

Another measure of resilience is how quickly blood pressure recovers when you get up from a chair. Researchers from the Department of Geriatrics took hundreds of measurements of hand squeeze strength and blood pressure and are curious to see if the resilience of festival visitors declined as the festival progressed.

Care robot Pepper was all in the Lowlands spirit with cheerful earrings. The robot helped out well with the study and explained to all participants exactly what was intended.

Dr. Bob

Zero is the norm and that's not going to change. But the effects of alcohol on surgical skill have never been studied. Can you still operate after a few drinks?

Researchers from the Department of Surgery determined the alcohol level and then had participants move rings from left to right with laparoscopic instruments. Does that work better in a sober state? Thanks to Lowlands, we now have hundreds of measurements to find out.

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