News items Nathalie Bovy appointed as senior policy officer academic affairs

1 July 2022

Nathalie Bovy has been appointed as senior policy officer for academic affairs (concernstaf strategieontwikkeling) effective 1 July, succeeding Bob de Jonge who retired in April. In her new role, Nathalie will focus on supporting the Dean on policy and strategy matters. This includes academic top staff policy, awards, the UMC Council, NFU policy and the annual RU policy cycle. In addition, she will continue to help shape the new organization as a member of the Fit for the Future program team and the Radboudumc-MUMC+ alliance team.

Driven to connect people and content

Nathalie previously worked as a PhD candidate and postdoc at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Hubrecht Laboratory, and as a lecturer and training manager at the biomedical analyst training program at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. Since 2011, she has been working at Radboudumc as a research policy advisor, initially for the research institutes N4i and IGMD and later Donders Center for Medical Neurosciences. Given these and other portfolios, she is well acquainted with the organization and many colleagues, which is of added value to her new position. As she says herself, she is "driven to connect people and content in order to get new projects off the ground together", which has also been recognized previously within the Radboudumc and rewarded with a Radboudpluim.

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