18 May 2017

This year, KWF awarded several projects from RIHS and RIMLS researchers. We congratulate our researchers with this funding and wish them a lot of success with their great work.

Research grants are for: 

Leonie Kroeze, theme Cancer development and immune defense
Approved budget: € 508,305
Project title: Comprehensive genetic monitoring of MDS and AML (sub)ciones in response to therapy  
Carl Figdor, theme Cancer development and immune defense
Approved budget: € 699,474
Project title: Towards prediction of the outcome of cancer immunotherapy

Young Investigator grants are for:

Johannes Textor, theme Cancer development and immune defense
Approved budget: € 517,449
Project Title: The ImmuNet: Integrating immunological parameters for personalized cancer therapy
Hans Jacobs
, theme Cancer development and immune defense
Approved budget: € 510,017
Project title: Mass spectrometry as a novel ultra-sensitive platform to measure minimal residual disease in serum of patients with multiple myeloma.

Consortia grants are for:

Iris Nagtegaal, theme Tumors of the digestive tract and colleagues
Approved budget: € 1,600,246
Project title: Improving treatment decisions in colorectal cancer: the role of tumor budding 
Johanna Pijnenborg, theme Women's cancers and colleagues
Approved budget: € 240,072
Project title: Towards an improved preoperative risk classification in edometrial carcinoma, a European collaborative network study

Unique high risk grant is for:

 Romana Netea-Maier, theme Rare cancers
Approved budget: € 151,946
Projec title: Myeloid cell reprograming in the context of radiolodine therapy in patients with non-medullary thyroid carcinoma
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