MyLeg project rewarded with 4.5M Euro

17 August 2017

Within the Horizon 2020 framework program the EU has rewarded the ‘MyLeg’ project with a total budget of 4.5M Euro. The MyLeg project is a collaborative project between the University of Groningen (NL) as coordinator, the University of Bologna (IT), the University of Twente (NL), Roessingh Research and Development (NL), Radboud university medical centre Nijmegen (NL), Össur (IS) and Norwest Advanced Orthopaedics (AUS).

The goal of the project is to develop a new generation osseo-integrated amputation prostheses. The MyLeg prosthetic system will enhance the human-prosthesis interaction, perception, and motion capabilities; it will include implantable myoelectric sensors on targeted reinnervated muscles to realize an intuitive EMG control and to provide a high-level of cognition abilities; it will implement variable stiffness actuators realized with stress-stiffening nanostructured materials that guarantee high adaptability with respect to different tasks, dependability, and decisional autonomy; it will exploit light-weighted nanofibrous materials for sensing and energy harvesting. These new techniques will be implemented in prosthetic prototypes after which the efficiency of these devices will be demonstrated in patients at the Radboudumc.
Involved Radboudumc researchers are Jan-Paul Frölke (General Surgery), Henk van der Meent (Rehabilitation Medicine) and Nico Verdonschot (Orthopaedics), within the themes Reconstructive and regenerative medicine and Disorders of movement.


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