13 January 2017

During the New Years 2017 event of the Radboud university medical center, Jolanda de Vries was honored by Leon van Halder, chairmen of our executive board, with the “Radboud Medal″.

The Radboud Medal is the highest honor awarded annually to a person who has contributed significantly to the objective of the Radboudumc as top knowledge center for academic medicine and health.”

Jolanda de Vries, professor of translational tumor immunology, is working at the Dept. of Tumor Immunology. She established a clinical vaccination program in which tumor-associated antigens loaded on DCs are used to treat both melanoma and colon cancer patients. Major current projects are to translate the DC vaccination into various clinical settings. Recently she and her team obtained a budget of 20 million euros from the national basic health insurance to introducte the experimental treatment with a vaccine that reduced the risk of the recurrence of skin cancer. The treatment will be offered in Nijmegen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Zwolle and is led by Jolanda de Vries.

She was awarded this highest honor of our Radboudumc for her great individual merits as a trainer of physicians and researchers, excellent research and her broad commitment to the Radboudumc in general. 

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