11 October 2017

See, feel and hear how exciting the world is at the Radboud Institute for Health Sciences!

On Saturday 7 October RIHS organized an Open Day in the Weekend of Science (“Weekend van de Wetenschap”), hosted by Diederik Jekel, science journalist and presenter. About 2000 visitors became a health scientist for one day and discovered how special healthcare research is.


A complete report of the Open Day is available here (in Dutch)
Photo impression


Winners online Science quiz VWO students during Open Day RIHS

1st prize Lize Dekkers (on photo), Dominicus college 5 VWO, 2 event tickets ad € 75,­ + 2 weekend vouchers InScience festival

2nd prize Renske Janssen, Dominicus college 5 VWO, 2 event tickets ad € 50,­ + 2 weekend vouchers InScience festival

3rd prize Lisanne Pouwel, Elzendaal College 5 VWO, 2 event tickets ad € 25,­ + 2 weekend vouchers InScience festival

Winners Science Quest  primary school kids

1st prize Joline Hurenkamp - primary school het Talent (4 tickets Efteling) (photo below)

2nd prize Tim Papenhoven - primary school de Oversteek (4 tickets NEMO)

3rd prize Jelle Bousema - primary school de Hazensprong (4 tickets NEMO)

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On May 9, a meeting took place at the Radboudumc as a result of the launch of the Dutch Transparency Agreement on Animal Testing. The Radboudumc is one of the twenty signatories and has thus committed itself to openly and transparently communicate its vision and policy with regard to animal testing.

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