2 January 2017

Stofwisselkracht in collaboration with Ride4Kids and Join4Energy granted Saskia Koene financial support for her project entitled "Preparations for a future clinical trial in children with the m.3243A>G mutation: a pilot study".

In this project, preparations for a natural history study in this population will be performed by testing 10 selected outcomes measures in 10 patients with this mutation. The data provided by this study will be used to select clinically relevant and reliable endpoints for future studies.
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    Metabolic disorders

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Sonlicromanol seems promising for certain cancers Khondrion announces publication in PLOS ONE of new research

13 July 2021

Khondrion announces publication in PLOS ONE of new research showing normalisation of prostate cancer stem cell mPGES-1 overexpression and inhibition of cancer spheroid growth by sonlicromanol’s active metabolite.

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Newborn screening in sight through the discovery of novel disease biomarkers by new technique

8 July 2021

To identify new biomarkers that can be used in the newborn screening protocol, also known as the neonatal heel prick, Karlien Coene and colleagues joined forces with scientists at the Radboud University’s FELIX laser laboratory. They published their findings in The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

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Biomarkers for pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy identified by untargeted metabolomics and infrared ion spectroscopy

24 June 2021

Karlien Coene, theme Metabolic Diseases, and colleagues published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation that untargeted metabolomics and infrared ion spectroscopy identify biomarkers for pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy.

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Miniaturized microfluidic platform for automated epigenetic profiling

6 May 2021

Together with Fluidigm, a US-based company focusing on microfluidics, the team of Hendrik Marks publishes in Genome Research the development of a powerful plug and play ChIP-seq platform for minute amount of cells, such as embryonic specimens or small biopsies.

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Medication for the body's malfunctioning energy system in the works

28 April 2021

Radboudumc’s spin-off company Khondrion is developing the promising drug sonlicromanol for treating energy metabolism diseases. Founder of the company Jan Smeitink, theme metabolic disorders, explains.

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Clara van Karnebeek receives a European grant for CHARLIE project

28 April 2021

Clara van Karnebeek has received a European grant of 1.88 million Euros for the CHARLIE consortium: an international collaboration to use genetic and stem cell technology to develop new treatments for the neurometabolic diseases GA1 and PDE.

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