4 October 2018

Joost Drenth will take over the Editor-in-Chief post for the UEG Journal from Prof. Jan Tack. Jan is stepping down in December 2018 after delivering the last issue 10 of the year and Joost will carry the new Editor-in-Chief’s editorial and choice of contents for the issue 1/2019 onwards. The gradual handover however will already start from September onwards.

UEG Journal has established itself rapidly as a key authoritative, high-quality and trusted journal. With its latest impact factor of 3.477, the UEG Journal has maintained a strong position in the second quartile and now holds a position of 28 out of 80 titles in the Gastroenterology and Hepatology category of the Journal Citation Reports®. 

UEG has great ambitions and Joost was selected by the UEG as the candidate with experience, scientific track record, organisational capabilities and energy to do so. He brings relevant experience as Editor to the table and convinced the search committee to be the best candidate out of other top qualified and suitable colleagues in the field. 

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Johan van der Vlag appointed as professor of Immunology of Kidney Diseases and Transplantation

23 April 2020

Johan van der Vlag is an expert in unravelling the molecular and immunological mechanisms underlying kidney disease and transplantation. His research stems from clinical questions and focuses on the development of new diagnostic/prognostic and therapeutic strategies.

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Gene controls the formation of photosensitive disks in retinal cells

21 April 2020

Researchers have unraveled a molecular mechanism that regulates the build-up of the photosensitive segments in the cones and rods in the retina. A protein PCARE, controls this process. These new insights, published in PNAS USA, could make a significant contribution to new therapies for eye diseases.

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Martinus van Marum prize for Tom Schirris

3 April 2020

This award of € 12,500 is intended as an incentive prize for researchers who have obtained their PhD degree in 2015 or later. The jury, consisting of members of the Society, came to this decision unanimously.

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NWO Open Competition ENW - KLEIN grant for Jenny van der Wijst

9 March 2020

KLEIN grants offer researchers the possibility to realize curiosity-driven, fundamental research and elaborate creative and risky ideas. For this project, Jenny is seeking an enthusiastic postdoc to join her team working on ion channels.

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Electronic nose smells precursor of oesophageal cancer

5 March 2020

A portable electronic nose can effectively detect precursors of oesophageal cancer, reported by RIHS researchers Yonne Peters and Peter Siersema in the medical science journal GUT. This was demonstrated in an initial study involving more than four hundred patients.

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Dutch Kidney Foundation PhD grant for Johan van der Vlag and Tom Nijenhuis

14 February 2020

Johan van der Vlag and Tom Nijenhuis, theme Renal disorders, received this grant for their joint research project “Targeting a novel paracrine signaling pathway between glomerular endothelium and podocytes to treat glomerular injury”.

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