13 March 2018

The research master program "Molecular Mechanisms of disease” of our institute was awarded top program status. In total nine Master’s programs at the Radboud University have been named the best in their field by the 2018 edition of the Dutch Master’s program information guide Keuzegids Masters 2018.

We congratulate the team led by Roland Brock with this recurring success of the MMD program.

Assessment criteria

The Keuzegids bases its assessment on criteria such as the contact with teachers, the coherency of the curricula and the quality of the academic facilities. Eighty percent of the assessment is based on student feedback and twenty percent is based on the appraisal by the NVAO, the national inspectorate for higher education.

If you want to know more about all the master's programs at the Radboud University please check out this link.

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Sarah Verhoeff wins audience award Radboud Talks Jury chose neuroscientist as overall winner

26 March 2019

The winner of the fifth edition of scientific pitch competition Radboud Talks is Suhas Vijayakumar, PhD candidate at the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Donders Institute. Research physician Sarah Verhoeff, Radboud Institute for Health Sciences, won the audience award.

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Biomaterials-aided mandibular reconstruction using in vivo bioreactors

22 March 2019

In a collaborative effort, John Jansen en Jeroen van den Beucken, theme Reconstructive and regenerative medicine, have demonstrated in PNAS the feasibility of an in vivo bioreactor-based strategy to generate vascularized bony tissue and its use for mandibular reconstruction.

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Lieneke Steeghs about the PATH project: Predictive Analysis for Therapy

22 March 2019

Read here the article 'PATH makes predictive molecular diagnostics in cancer unambiguous', of Lieneke Steeghs, theme Tumors of the digestive tract, that was published on the website of ZonMw.

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Publication on nanoparticle imaging agent

22 March 2019

Mangala Srinivas, theme Nanomedicine, showed in Advanced Functional Materials that nano‐particles (radius 100 nm), are suitable for long‐term in vivo ultrasound in combination with 19F MRI and fluorescence.

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RIHS Open Day We are looking for enthusiastic researchers!

21 March 2019

On Sunday 6 October 2019 we will again open our doors and show our wonderful research to the general public.

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Proudly presenting new theme leaders

20 March 2019

It is our pleasure to introduce the new leaders of the themes Mitochondrial diseases, Reconstructive and regenerative medicine and Vascular damage.

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