Registration for ENABLE 2018 in Copenhagen is open!

11 May 2018

The 2nd ENABLE symposium entitled “The promise of future medicine: from research to therapy” will be hosted in Copenhagen, from 7 - 9 November. ENABLE is unique because world-class scientific content is combined with focus on development of “soft skills” in workshops and career chats. There will also be a job fair featuring high-profile companies such as Novo Nordisk, Thermo Fisher, and FEBS for those who are exploring employment options after their graduation.

Don’t miss out. For registration and more information on this year’s event, check out this link. Or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Important dates:
May 9 – July 31:                    Early bird registration, fee € 85
June 15:                                  Travel grants application deadline
August 1 – September 30:   Late registration, fee € 110

The scientific symposium features topics on the future of medicine, including biomarker discovery & personalized medicine, novel diagnostics platforms, and systems immunology. Our closing lecture will be given by molecular biologist and author Michel Morange, who will address the modern philosophical issues we are facing today in the era of genomic medicine. Of course, there will also be oral presentations and poster sessions for young scientists, with prestigious awards in each category.

Our career day hosts a variety of resources for professional development. Workshops include job interview preparation, CV writing, scientific writing and communication, and many others. You will also be able to have deep and insightful talks with industry experts through our Career Chats. Last year we had participants from all walks of life: from publishing, pharmaceutical R&D, European Union grant reviewers, consulting, and much more. Come to learn about their journey and how their experience can help yours!  Bridging science and society is also an important part of the curriculum, and outreach activities have been organized both for school children and for members of the general public in Copenhagen. To that end, PhD students and postdocs are invited to give a microtalk designed for a lay audience, at various cafés around the city. Prizes will be awarded to the most clear and entertaining storytellers.

ENABLE is unique because it is hosted for and by young biomedical researchers. That also means, of course, that our social activities are going to be loads of fun. After each full day of scientific and professional learning, attendees will have the chance to unwind and network with their peers from all over Europe. This symposium is organized by PhD students and postdocs from four European institutions, including IRB Barcelona, NNF CPR, SEMM and RIMLS, together with a science communication agency Scienseed, and is funded by the European Union Horizon 2020.

Last year’s ENABLE symposium was hosted in Barcelona and was attended by 300 participants from all over Europe. The setting was informal and there were many ways for young scientists to connect with other scientists and companies during the conference and was evaluated very positive by most participants. Here is our favorite feedback quote from an attendee that nicely describes ENABLE: “I think that the ENABLE project is an amazing idea. It is a little bit different than other conferences because of the career day. The fact that it was organized by PhD students is really interesting!”.

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