2 July 2019

The Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) has awarded 25.5 million euros to 50 new research projects in 16 different institutes. 8 grants are awarded to Radboudumc researchers. We congratulate our researchers with this funding and wish them success with their great work.

Research projects:

Research project: Immunotherapy meets Radiotherapy: understanding cGAS to define immunogenic vs non‐immunogenic radiation conditions
Gosse Adema, theme Cancer development and immune defense, RIMLS
Approved budget: € 580,756

Research project: Metastases-directed therapy for PET detected oligo-recurrent prostate cancer with and without short course androgen deprivation therapy
Robert Jan Smeenk / Fred Verzijlbergen, theme Urological cancers, RIHS
Approved budget: € 899,591

Research project: Dissecting the role of aberrant E-cadherin signaling in the initiation and progression of diffuse-type gastric cancer.
Chella van der Post, theme Tumors of the digestive tract, RIMLS
Approved budget: € 653,075

Research project: (Cost) Effectiveness of Blended and UnguideD DeliverY of Mindfulness‐based Cognitive Therapy versus Care as Usual for distressed cancer patients: BUDDY project
Anne Speckens, theme Stress related disorders, DCMN
Approved budget: € 494,505

Research project: Identification of genetic cancer predisposition through tumour genome mutational profiling
Richarda de Voer, theme Tumors of the digestive tract, RIMLS
Approved budget: € 566,411

Research project: Induction of neo-antigen specific T cells by specialised cross-presenting dendritic cells in epithelial ovarian cancer patients
Jolanda de Vries, theme Cancer development and immune defense, RIMLS
Approved budget: € 657,575

Young Investigator grant:

Research project: Imaging tumor infiltrating CD8+ T‐cells in non‐small cell lung cancer patients
Erik Aarntzen, theme Tumors of the digestive tract, RIMLS
Approved budget: € 365,732 

Consortium grant

Research project: The phospho proteome, key to derailed kinases in intestinal tumors and customized therapy
Henk Verheul, theme Tumors of the digestive tract
Approved budget: € 1,091,077

Go to the Dutch Cancer Society website (KWF).


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