18 June 2018

The Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) has awarded 8 grants to Radboudumc researchers. We congratulate them with this funding and wish them success with their great work.

Research projects:

Research project: Focus on values to stimulate shared decisions in  patients with thyroid cancer: A multifaceted COMmunication BOoster (COMBO).
Peep Stalmeier, theme Womens's cancers, RIHS
Approved budget: € 508,428

Research project: Phase IIa study of ex vivo-generated allogeneic NK cell infusion in combination with subcutaneous IL-15 superagonist ALT-803 in relapsed/refractory AML patients.
Harry Dolstra, theme Cancer development and immune defense, RIMLS
Approved budget: € 1,294,415

Research project: Galactin-9 is required for Dendritic Cell function during anti-melanoma immunity.
Annemiek van Spriel, theme Cancer development and immune defense, RIMLS
Approved budget: € 623,515

Research project: FORwards: Feasibility and effectiveness Of Real-world use of the SWORD evidence-based
psychological intervention for fear of cancer recurrence.
Judith Prins, theme Women's cancers, RIHS
Approved budget: € 453,919

Young Investigator grant:

Research project: Understanding brain mechanisms of cancer-related fatigue: a sickness-behaviour approach.
Marieke van der Schaaf, theme Stress related disorders, DCMN
Approved budget: € 632,612

Unique high risk project:

Research project: The cell by cell measuring of the response to therapy to detect resistant cells.
Klaas Mulder, theme Cancer development and immune defense, RIMLS
Approved budget: € 220,646

Implementation project

Research project: STOPOVCA: STOP OVarian CAncer: the implementation of opportunistic salpingectomy to prevent ovarian cancer.
Joanne de Hullu, theme Women's cancers, RIHS
Approved budget: € 416,684

Research project: ImplemenTation of concentration gUided dosing to optimize treatmeNt outcomE in patients treated with oral targeted anticancer drugs (TUNE project).
Ingrid Desar, theme Rare cancers, RIHS
Approved budget: € 683,113

Go to the Dutch Cancer Society website (KWF).


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