20 November 2019

What does a scientist of the future look like? International young scientists addressed this important topic during the ENABLE conference, organized by young researchers for young researchers. They showed how the new generation of researchers wants to open up science to the general public.
Leaving the ivory tower of science, and solving questions that matter: scientists of the future assure that their research results are available to everyone. That is what happened during the conference: scientists presented in pubs which medical-societal problems they are trying to solve. They told in an elderly home how biomedical research has advanced, to an audience that has actually experienced all these scientific breakthroughs. Also the young generation was targeted: high school students visited the anatomical museum and the imaging center PRIME. Who knows how many of them aspire a research career after this day? 
Scientist from all over Europe
During the third ENABLE conference, 270 young researchers from Europe convened and shared the results of their research in life sciences among each other and with the people of Nijmegen. Experienced scientists shared their tips and tricks with the new generations and contributed to the discussions about the scientist of the future. 
Unique about the conference was that it was completely organized by young researchers for young researchers. The conference, the outreach activities and the career day were part of the project ENABLE that received funding from the European Commission.

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