6 August 2019

Floris Schreuder received one of the ten Dekker grants from the Dutch Heart Foundation (Hartstichting).

Floris Schreuder receives a personal grant of 369.000 eurosWith this grant, Schreuder will investigate whether brain damage after cerebral haemorrhage can be reduced. This so-called secundary brain injury is a result of an inflammatory response to clean up the bleeding and the damaged brain tissue. Unintentionally, this process also cause damage to healthy tissue surrounding the area of injury, negatively affecting the recovery process. Hence, the research project aims to inhibit this inflammatory response. This might be achieved by performing a keyhole surgery or by using anti-inflammatory drugs.

The Dekker grants are named to dr. E. Dekker, former director of the Dutch Heart Foundation. Dekker initiated the civilian aid program to help heart attack victims. Dekker grants are personal grants awarded to talented cardiovascular researchers who are at different stages of their academic career. Through these grants, the Dutch Heart Foundation enables researchers to set up their own line of research, and to take their next career step as a researcher. The Dekker grants are awarded for 33rd time by the Dutch Heart Foundation.

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