9 December 2019

Are you a 1st or 2nd year PhD candidate with the ambition to organize an international symposium? The organizing committee of the RIMLS New Frontiers Symposium of 2021 dedicated to Glycobiology is looking for two PhD candidates who are interested to participate in the organization of this scientific meeting and want to further improve their organizational skills.
The annual New Frontiers Symposium is organized alternately by RIMLS and RIHS. The 2021 edition will be organized by RIMLS and will shed light on the fascinating and fast-developing field of Glycobiology. The organization of the symposium will start in the beginning of 2020 until the fall of 2021. After the genome and the proteome, the modification of proteins with glycans (the glycome) represents a new challenge and a new perspective for understanding human biology and in health an diseases. This field of science, called Glycoscience, is a unique field of research that is often overlooked despite its tremendous impact on biological processes. Analysing and understanding the glycome will have a major impact on every aspect of life sciences, from developmental biology to new forms of personalised diagnostics and therapy. The organizing committee is looking for two PhD candidates to complete the team. 

Do you want to organize an international symposium? Do you want to improve your organizational skills and extend your scientific network? Will you take care that the symposium is well-suited for your fellow PhD candidates? 

The selected PhD candidates will be part of the scientific organizing committee of our symposium. Scientific knowledge with respect to Glycobiology is not directly needed. The organizing PhD candidates should have a contract at least until the fall of 2021.

To express your interest, please send a cv and a short motivation to rimls.info@radboudumc.nl at the latest on 12 January 2020. If you need more information please contact Clasien Oomen

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