20 March 2019

Judith Homberg has been appointed Professor of Tanslational Neuroscience, effective 1 February 2019.

Judith Homberg has been an associate professor and principal investigator associated with the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour. She conducts research into individual differences in vulnerability to stress-related conditions such as depression, anxiety and drug addiction. In recent years, she has investigated the role of serotonin in drug addiction and brain development. She uses animal models with high translational value to investigate behavioural and neural mechanisms in detail. These are animal models that provide data translatable to humans.

Drug addiction

Judith Homberg (Purmerend, 1976), received a Master's degree in Neurobiology with honours at the VU University Amsterdam in 1999. Five years later, she obtained her PhD at the same university on research into vulnerability and drug addiction - individual differences in cocaine use in rats. After a three-year stay as a postdoc at the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht, in 2007, she began work as a senior researcher at the department of Cognitive Neuroscience. Thereafter, she was appointed associate professor at the Donders Institute and Principal Investigator at Radboudumc.

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