10 December 2018

Christian Beckmann, Jan Buitelaar and Barbara Franke made it to this year’s list of highly cited researchers. Scientists in this list are selected for their exceptional research performance and are regarded to have had a major impact on fellow scientists.

According to the creator of the list, Clarivate Analytics, the awarded scientists ‘have demonstrated significant influence through publication of multiple highly cited papers during the last decade’. They produced several publications in the years 2006-2016 that rank the top 1 % by citations.

The list of Highly Cited Researchers is compiled yearly since 2001. Scientists are selected in several fields of science. A new category in this year’s list is called cross-field, which rewards interdisciplinary research. Barbara Franke is one of the scientists who made the list in this brand-new category.

Christian Beckmann is amongst the most cited researchers in the category Neuroscience & Behaviour. Jan Buitelaar made it to the list in the category Psychiatry/Psychology.

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