18 March 2019

Last week the 25th edition of the RIMLS PhD retreat was held at the Conference Centre Koningshof at Veldhoven. This event organized by and for PhD candidates of the RIMLS institute was a great success, exemplified by the enthusiasm of all attendees and the professional organization by the responsible PhD committee.

200 participants presented their results, debated about sustainability and circular economy, and spent some time on social activities such as a jungle party with musical contributions of FOAM and DJ Skyfly!

All last year PhD candidates presented their results in an oral presentation, while all other participants shared their results or research plans during a poster presentation. A jury consisting of six researchers evaluated all presentations. Their anonymous opinion was that the overall quality of all presentations and especially the oral presentations was remarkably high. All presenters can be genuinely proud of their achievements.  

The keynote speaker of this year was Christph Lüthy. He gave an inspiring lecture on the visualization of medical principles. The visualization of science was also at the heart of this years workshop given by Loes Vissers and resulted in very appealing posters depicting various scientific topics.

The RIMLS management team would like to thank the participants, the jury members, workshop leader, keynote speaker, and the debaters. Above all, we would like to thank the organizing committee: Marilen Benner, Vince Biemans, Estel Collado Camps, Paola de Haas, Daan Panneman, Minke Smits and Xander Staal.

We hope to welcome you next year at the PhD retreat 2020!  Mark your calendar for the 26th edition of the PhD retreat on 16 & 17 April 2020.

Winners of the best oral presentation:

Session A: Anique ter Braake
Session B: Robin Nadar

Winner of the best poster presentation:

Rutger Jan Röring

The photos are online via this link!

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