29 April 2019

Peter de Smet, Harry Surayapranata and Stans Verhagen were appointed by His Majesty as Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion, a highly prestigious decoration, for their exceptional academic and social achievements.

Peter de Smet, Professor Emeritus Quality Pharmaceutical Patient Care, theme Healthcare improvement science
Throughout his working life, De Smet has been employed by the KNMP (De  Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij ter bevordering der Pharmacie). From 1979 as scientific assistant and head of the KNMP Medicines Information Center, later as head of research in Pharmaceutical Patient Care and as a scientific advisor. In 2001, De Smet was appointed professor by special appointment at the Radboudumc and focused primarily on scientific research, including in the field of medication safety and compliance.

Harry Suryapranata, Professor Emeritus Cardiology, theme Vascular damage
Harry Suryapranata, who was appointed Professor of Interventional Cardiology at Radboud university medical center in 2010, has recently retired. Prior to his appointment, he had already gained widespread recognition as an interventional cardiologist and scientist at Isala in Zwolle and at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. In addition to expanding and professionalising interventional cardiology, the most important aspects of his appointment were creating an international research network and a solid scientific infrastructure for the Cardiology Department.

Stans Verhagen, Medical oncologist
Before Stans Verhagen started at Radboudumc in 1983, he had already earned his spurs in Kenya as a tropical doctor, where he often provided medical assistance under difficult circumstances. Back in Nijmegen he specialized in internal medicine, then deepened his knowledge in oncology and was registered as a medical oncologist. He has contributed a great deal to the development of the field and has also been able to involve many colleagues from hospitals in the region.

Read more about the Royal decorations at the Radboudumc and Radboud University: link.

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